Xbox Live セールメモ


【Deal of the Week】1/18~1/25
・Plants vs. Zombies 1200→800

・Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening
・Dragon Age: Origins – The Golems of Amgarrak
・Dragon Age: Origins – The Darkspawn Chronicles
・Dragon Age: Origins – Witch Hunt
・Dragon Age: Origins – Leliana’s Song
・Medal of Honor – Hot Zone Pack
・Battlefield 1943
・DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue
・RISK: Factions
・Madden NFL Arcade
・Hasbro Family Game Night: Battleship
・Hasbro Family Game Night: Scrabble
・Hasbro Family Game Night: Boggle
・NHL 3 on 3 Arcade
・Madden NFL 11 Max Pack
・NCAA Football 11 – NCAA Power Pack
・Tiger 11 – Favorites Course Pack
・FIFA 11 – Live Season All Leagues
・Fight Night Round 4 – Champions Pack II
・NHL 11 – 20th Anniversary Bauer Boost Pack

DeathSpankは前から気になってたので購入予定。面白かったら続編のThongs of Virtueも。
余裕があればPlants vs. Zombies、MicroBotあたりも買おうかな。